This is the why...

You make my social anxiety more mellow. You help me to get up and fight.
You make it easy to try. You help me when I feel stressed and lonely.
You keep everything balanced and right. You make the bottom less deep.
You make it easier to talk to my parents. You help me see others in a new light.
You make my weakness less weak. You help me see the why.
You keep the spaceship moving towards the stars and past the moon.

You bring the feeling that only a trusted friend can bring.
You help me to remember who I am.
You help me understand.
You make the awkwardness leave with its tail between its legs.
You fill me with wonder and awe.
You play this piano duet with me.

Everyone worries about things, but no one makes any change.
Everyone talks, but no one is right.
Everyone has questions, but no one has answers.
Everyone is running around with their heads chopped off, but no one has a level head.
Everyone is looking for something, but no one can find it.

I guess I could make it on my own. I think about it sometimes... what it would be like to grow old, live alone in a small apartment, have a few friends, own a dog or two... I could make it work. I wouldn't have to worry about certain things; I would only have to worry about myself. Every time I cooked, I would have my next meal set because I would have too much, and I would store it in the fridge as left-overs. I wouldn't have to clean very regularly. I could go to bed when I wanted, I could listen to whatever I wanted at whatever volume I wanted. I could be disgusting or gross, I could walk around in my underwear for an entire day, if I wanted. I could come home from work, and the two decisions I would be required to make is what I should have for dinner, and whether I wanted to watch Downton Abbey, or The Office. I could lay in the middle of my floor, listen to music, and think about absolutely nothing...if I wanted.

But what if I wanted someone to hog all of the pasta? What if I want to have to worry about another person...or two or three or four? What if I wanted to clean up the mess of a small human who decided to draw on the wall? What if I wanted to tuck someone in for bed at 8:30, and read them a bed time story? What if I wanted to share the remote with a girl, who I loved so much that I would let her choose a cheesy rom com to watch? What if I wanted to play dress up with my princess of a daughter, and my pirate of a son? What if I wanted to make dinner for 5 hungry tummies? What if I wanted to lay in the middle of the floor, talking to my soulmate about thoughts, opinions, ideas, and dreams, late into the night as our children slept safely and soundly?

You are the who...

Love is the what...

And this is the why.


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